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Management Team

Mike Altieri, CEO

Mike hails from Home Shopping Network and HSN Direct, spending his early years learning from "master of selling", Bud Paxson, founder of Home Shopping Network. Mike spent years on the floor at HSN at 2a in the morning seeing first hand what makes the phones ring and the orders roll in. Through the years Mike has scripted and managed hundreds of commercials and long form infomercials. He now serves as CEO of Tandem, where he brings his creativity and extensive merchandising background to a growing list of companies ready for explosive growth.

Stephanie Brown, President 

Having spent her entire career in the advertising agency space, first in New York, then in Florida, her client experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies and household names to smaller start ups who have gone on to greatness. Besides overseeing company operations and all media endeavors, she also manages all graphic design functions of the agency with a focus on ecommerce revenue optimization.  Stephanie has an extensive contact list of network and station reps and has built the relationships and negotiation skills that ensure clients thrive.

Mark Altieri, VP, Retail

Mark has spent his entire career in retail store management, product development and manufacturing. Mark has worked on both sides of the retail equation. He has personally made decisions of which products get on the shelves as well as selling products he represents into retail. Mark boasts an extensive contact list of major retailers and has the knowledge required to get products into retail and keep them there. Mark has placed hundreds of products at big box and grocery retailers and is always on the hunt for more.

Stephen Reis, Director of Research & Development

Stephen, a former chef, comes to Tandem after a long career in the culinary and food manufacturing industry. Stephen helps clients develop and bring to market products such as soups, spice blends and sauces. And once the formula is complete, Stephen brings extensive experience laying the groundwork in preparation for manufacturing at scale and introduction into retail stores.

Reach more customers

Smart marketing and messaging approaches allow our clients to reach new audiences and attract retailer inquiries.

Expand sales

Let us help determine where you are missing sales opportunities and how to fix them. Identify new sales channels, open doors and negotiate killer deals.

Increase average order value

Proper merchandising is key to maximize your average ticket per customer. We create smart offer tactics that get the most out of every sale.