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About Tandem

If only there was a go-to company that could help ensure that your messaging is always spot on, sales conversions are always humming, and that would help you make the most of every customer.....


At tandem, these are the things we do best.

Tandem offers a team of experts in the areas of merchandising, creative development, media and retail to bring clients the type of senior level advice needed to navigate today's complex selling environment. Combine this with a talented staff who can generate custom graphics, build shopify websites, script commercials and create content. And if you need media buying, yep, we do that too.

While a myriad of vendors call on you day to day, with tandem, you have an experienced team who can help you vet through these proposals and decide which are right for you and which are a waste of money. 

And if you have designs on getting into retail stores, we're here to help. We can cut through the red tape and closed doors to get you into stores and move you off the shelves and into customers carts.

These days, letting your guard down on even one of these areas can lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

That's why we created tandem; we can't wait to help you sell more.


Reach more customers

Online marketing can only take you so far. Expanding your brand into Television can provide the additional exposure you need to reach new audiences and attract retailer inquiries.

Convert more sales

Many websites often contain hidden "stop signs" that reduce conversions by causing consumers to be confused or turned off. We identify these sales killers.

Increase average order value

To make the most of your marketing investiment, it is important to maximize your average order value. We provide smart offer tactics that get the most out of every sale.